I am grateful to Dr. Joel Bass, Chair of the Department of Pediatrics at the Newton-Wellesley Hospital for his many wise suggestions. Ken Heckman, Project Specialist and Arlene Graff, Applications Analyst of the Hospital Information Services of the Newton-Wellesley Hospital were very helpful throughout the development of this site. Without their assistance, this site would never have been completed. Diane Keogh, Corporate Director, Enterprise Services, Partners HealthCare was the one who first encouraged me to take on this task and helped me in many ways.

I am most appreciative of Dr. Michael Jellinek, President of the Newton-Wellesley Hospital and Dr. Leslie Selbovitz, Senior Vice President of Medical Affairs, for their trust and support throughout this process. I am also indebted to Dr. Gary Gottlieb, President of the Brigham and Women's Hospital, for being a mentor in recent years.

Heming Nelson, President of 4Site Interactive Studios, Inc., and Chris Messina created the design for this web site. If this site is easy to read, their imagination and creativity deserve much credit. In the early but crucial phase of this web site, the staff of HealthyConnect.Com contributed much to the original conception, structure and use of color for this site. Adam Frost, my computer consultant, was always helpful.

I am the product of many teachers. A few include people like Fran Lewis, a former chief psychiatric social worker at Children's Hospital Boston and Professor Maryann Amodeo of the Boston University School of Social Work. Dr. Max Day, a psychoanalyst and the late Tully Benaron, a child psychiatrist at Children's Hospital Boston, taught me many things including how to listen with greater sensitivity to parents and children. I was privileged to join Dr. Morris Green and Barry Zuckerman in the Bright Futures study group. Bright Futures called for increased attention to the psychosocial issues of children.

Marie McPherson was formerly the Director of Clinical Guidelines for Massachusetts Blue Cross and Blue Shield. I am very grateful for her encouragement over the years, as I am to Dr. Richard Toran and Jeff Murphy, Medical Director and Executive Director of the Newell Medical Delivery Organization. I have received much support from Partners Community Health Care, Inc. including Dr. Tom Lee, Medical Director, Peter Greenspan, Medical Director for Pediatrics, Dave Terry, Manager of PCHInet, and Maureen Farrell, Manager for Quality Improvement.

Finally, Melinda Strauss was the original editor for this site. The clarity and conciseness of this site is a result of her doing. She also helped me bring forth many of the ideas within this site as a result of her many years of clinical experience.

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I would like to thank the following for their generous support, without whom this web site and training program would not exist: The Sidney R. Baer, Jr. Foundation, The Alden Trust, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Mental Health, Project INTERFACE (Newton Public Schools and the U.S. Department of Education), the Locke Educational Fund at Newton- Wellesley Hospital, Aetna Health Plan, the Kenneth B. Schwartz Center,  and the families of my medical practice. 

I hope you find this site useful and encourage any comments.

- Dr. Howard King, M.D.