Pilot Project Acknowledgements

This program would not have taken place without the support of many people.

They include Drs. Michael Jellinek, Gary Gottlieb, Les Selbovitz, Joel Bass, Ben Siegel, and Vincent Felitti. I am indebted to Dr. Elizabeth Childs and Joan Mikula, Commissioner and Assistant Commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health.

Others include members of the Locke family, Dr. Joel Neuschatz (Aetna Plan), Diane Keogh, Joan Archer, Barbara Shockley, Marjory Bancroft, Susan Monahan, William Tyler, Marjorie Stanzler, Michelle Baker, Dr. and Mrs. Herbert Levine, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Kimball, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Thayer, and Mr. and Mrs. Mark Robinson, Joyce Serwitz, and Tina Ullrich.

Melinda Strauss, the web editor for Children’s Emotional HealthLink, was indispensable for her superb editing and helped me formulate many of the concepts found throughout the web site. I am grateful for the trust many colleagues extended to me by contributing articles or ideas to the web site or the project, including Drs. Sandra DeJong, Max Day, Jerome Groopman, Alison Hoppin, Morton Newman, Ranna Parekh, Beth Rider, and Jeff Winseman; clinical psychologists including Pam Cantor. Kathy Kaufman, and Helene Stein; Jan Hindman, national expert on childhood sexual abuse; social workers including Suzin Bartley, Jetta Bernier, Gertrude Carter, Shani Dowd, Ruth Freeman, Peggy Kaufman, and Jason Summerfeld; Paula Georges; and nutritionist, Linda Nikolakopoulos. I am also grateful to Nancy Martland of the Tufts Web Guide.

Various organizations provided much support including the Social Work Therapy and Referral Service, Newton Health Department, REACH, the Jewish Family and Children’s Service, Catholic Charities Community Interpreter Service, Mass. Medical Interpreters Service, and Dr. Marylou Buyse of the Mass. Association of Health Plans.

Members of the Newton-Wellesley Hospital community contributed greatly to the success of this project including the “medical directors’ team of Physician-Hospital Organization as well as Arlene Graff, Ken Heckman, Lynn Nuti, Abby Pedican, Debra Rosenberg, Nancy Weinberg, Betty Tiberio, Susan Wheeler, and Marie Williams.

Others include Heming Nelson and David Faulkner, website developers at 4Site Interactive Studios; Marie McPherson, formerly director of clinical guidelines at BCBSMA; and Adam Frost, computer consultant. I am grateful for the support of Dr. John Freedman of the Tufts Plan, Professor David Shore of the HSPH, and the leadership of Dr. Walter Harrison and Joe Gold of the AAP Mental Health Task Force. Dr. Morris Green and Deborah Ruscitti provided very special kinds of inspiration.

… and countless others, including my wife, Phyllis, my sons, Rick and Josh, my grandchildren, and, of course, the families in my practice. They are my real teachers.

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I would like to thank the following for their generous support, without whom this web site and training program would not exist: The Sidney R. Baer, Jr. Foundation, The Alden Trust, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Mental Health, Project INTERFACE (Newton Public Schools and the U.S. Department of Education), the Locke Educational Fund at Newton- Wellesley Hospital, Aetna Health Plan, the Kenneth B. Schwartz Center,  and the families of my medical practice. 

I hope you find this site useful and encourage any comments.

- Dr. Howard King, M.D.