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Welcome to Parents and Doctors as Partners

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This is my first blog.  Before I share anything else, let me clarify something about the title, first, the use of the word, “Doctors.”  I am a pediatrician.  I hope pediatricians will be interested in its contents.  But the use of the word, “doctors,” is only a substitute for any professional who would like to reach out to parents and other family members.

I hope this blog will also attract the interest of other kinds of physicians, nurse practitioners (including pediatric nurse practitioners), and other helping professionals, e.g. parenting educators, members of the clergy, or the police.  Each of those professionals have much wisdom to share with the other part of our audience. i.e. ”parents. ”

What do I mean by “parents?”  Parents could include parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles.  They could be married, divorced, single or waiting to deliver.   They could be straight or gay, successful, just getting by or even incarcerated.  But they should all have three things in common: they should attempt to be as truthful as they can be, considerate of other points of views, and desiring to help someone in the community.

I will attempt to share useful thoughts, periodically, from having been a children’s doctor for many years.  But I will be disappointed if I am not joined by many others who may agree (or disagree) with some of the thoughts expressed here.  I will attempt to include everyone’s thoughts who I think have something useful to contribute to others.  I cannot guarantee your thoughts may be conveyed in their entirety.  I will be limited by my time to reproduce your ideas and, if necessary, my need to convey them with clarity

Much of what I will convey is what I learned from my many years of pediatric practice and from having taught three groups of professionals, each over a one year’s period of time.  My goal and that of my colleagues has been to do the best we can to help our peers become more competent in the psychosocial assessment of children and families.  That course is described under “Introduction and Overview.”  The title of the overall web site is www.cehl.org.

Again, for those who want to respond to this discussion, today’s blog, and future blogs, my e-mail is howieking@aol.org.

The subject of today’s blog has to do with my personal bio.  It is an article I specifically wrote to better inform those who participate in our yearlong training program about some of my values as the co-director of our yearlong training program.

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